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Three Reasons To Visit The Hotel Bar

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When you travel on your own for work or for pleasure, you'll often have free time in the evening that you can fill in various ways. While some people can be tempted to lie on the bed in their hotel room and watch television, doing so isn't exactly memorable or thrilling. One option that you may wish to think about is visiting your hotel bar. Many hotels, particularly those that are upscale, have bars in the lobby. You can grab a spot at the bar or at a table, have a drink or two, and perhaps even enjoy a plate of appetizers. Here are three reasons to visit your hotel bar. 

Meet Other Travelers

One thing that you'll often find when you visit a hotel bar on your own is that this can be a good way to meet people. Hotels often have a lot of solo travelers in them, and many of these individuals will hang out at the bar and be quick to socialize with other solo travelers. If you're an extrovert who doesn't really favor being in your room by yourself all evening, going to the hotel bar can be a casual and easy way to meet others.

No Need To Drive

Another reason to spend some time in the bar at your hotel is that you can have a few drinks without needing to drive anywhere. While visiting a different establishment elsewhere in the city could be appealing, you won't want to drive after drinking—and calling a taxi can add an extra expense to your evening. If you like the idea of unwinding after a long day by having a few beverages, you can do so safely and affordably when you visit the hotel bar instead of seeking out a different establishment.


It's hard to beat the convenience of visiting the bar in the lobby of your hotel. This is a place that you can reach just a few minutes after leaving your room. If you were to go to a different bar, it might take some time to find a suitable establishment, as well as actually travel there. Paying for your order at a hotel bar is also convenient. Rather than having to reach for your wallet, you can simply charge your order to your room. When you're ready to check out of the hotel, you'll see the bar tab added to your bill for the visit.

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