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Tips For Having Events Catered By Restaurants

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If you're holding a special event in the near future, figuring out what to serve your guests is probably at the top of your to-do list. While you'll have plenty of catering options from which to choose, hiring a local restaurant to cater the event may be your most convenient choice. 

When it comes to planning the event menu, start by picking a specific type of cuisine, such as Japanese, Italian, or Mexican, that you want to serve. Next, choose your favorite eatery that specializes in that cuisine, and work with the chef to create the perfect party menu.

Restaurant catering is appropriate for any type of special occasion or event, from the most casual of celebrations to the fanciest soiree. You can hire a restaurant to cater a kid's or adult's birthday party, a wedding or graduation celebration, a family or corporate holiday get-together, a family reunion, a wedding reception, or a bridal or baby shower.

Following are a few more tips for hiring a restaurant to cater your event:

1. Consider Guests' Dietary Concerns

When planning the perfect party menu that will please all of your guests, consider any of your attendees' dietary concerns or restrictions. If you'll have vegans and vegetarians in the crowd, provide several meat- or dairy-free meal options. Also, include a few wheat- or nut-free dishes for those who have allergies. 

Take dietary restrictions into consideration when choosing a restaurant to cater the event, and then collaborate with the chef to plan a brunch, lunch, dinner, or appetizer menu to meet your needs. If the eatery of your choice can't accommodate the restrictions, you may need to hire an outside caterer to make specialty dishes for you.

2. Work Within Your Budget

Another important thing to do when planning a party menu is to work within your budget. If you have limited funds to spend on the event food, inquire as to whether the restaurant offers a pre-fixe menu at a discounted rate. You may even be able to get a catering and venue package rate if the eatery offers event space, such as a banquet room.

Serving just small plates or appetizers and drinks is another way to cut costs while event planning. If you choose to go this route, select a restaurant that is known for its extensive appetizer menu, or that is willing to accommodate your needs. Guests can easily mix and mingle while enjoying sampling small bites throughout the event.

Contact restaurants with catering services today to learn more.