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3 Unique Ways To Eat Pizza

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Traditionally, people eat pizza from the corner and up to the crust. The next time you order a pie from a pizzeria, you can have some fun when you mix up the way to enjoy each slice. When you change the way you eat the pizza, you can enjoy the food as a whole different experience. You may find a completely new way to eat your favorite pizza.

Use some of the ideas below or take the pizza-eating methods and transform them into unique ideas of your own.

1. Pizza Sandwich

When you order thin crust pizza, you have the opportunity to turn two slices into one slice with the way you enjoy the pizza. Take a piece of pizza, set it on a plate, and then grab another slice of pizza. Flip the second slice upside down and lay it directly over the top of the first slice so the edges match up.

Lift the pizza and eat the two slices together like a sandwich. The two slices pressing into each other will help keep toppings in place and prevent any spillage. You can enjoy the texture of the crust on the outside and all of the flavors on the inside. The pizza sandwich works best with thin New York style pizza, but you could also try it on thicker pizzas as well.

2. Pizza Strips

Try to dip your pizza in a wide range of sauces like buffalo sauce, ranch, or extra marinara. Use a knife or pizza cutter to cut slices down into thin strips. The strips make it easy to dip the pizza and enjoy each bite. Some sauces will go better with certain dips. For example, if you order a chicken pizza, then you could try a barbecue sauce dip.

With the thin-cut strips, you can try a wide range of sauces without the need to mix sauces or get them on certain slices.

3. Pizza Pile

If you don't like to eat with your hands then create a pizza pile. Grab a bowl and simply scrape off all of the pizza toppings and cheese into the bowl. Cut up everything into small bites and then enjoy the pizza. If you still want some of the crust, then you can break off small pieces and mix it all around.

The pizza pile is an ideal way to enjoy pizza with a ton of toppings. Meats and vegetables mix well in the bowl and create a wide range of flavors that also mixes well with the pizza sauce.

Try one of the options the next time you order pizza take-out