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Unique Ways To Allow Customers To Customize Their Pizzas

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When you think of custom pizza, you probably imagine a pizza with all sorts of different toppings. This can definitely be considered a custom pizza, but this is not the only way to customize pizza. There are other ways you can allow your customers to customize their pies. Here are a few suggestions.

Customize With Different Cuisines

A fun way to allow customization of pizzas is to offer pizzas centered around different cuisines. For instance, you can offer a selection of different toppings and sauces typical of Thai cuisine, and another selection of toppings and sauces from French cuisine. On a menu, you could lay these options out in columns. Create a column for Thai, another for French, and another for other cuisines you want to feature. Then, when customers call to order, you can ask what cuisine they are going to be customizing within. They, you can ask which specific topics within that cuisine they want to include.

Offer a Huge Selection of Sauces

Another cool way to create custom pizzas is to offer a huge selection of sauces. You could create three or four different red sauces, then a variety of others such as pesto, Alfredo sauce, barbecue sauce, and chimichurri. The sky is the limit! You can let people choose just one sauce or a whole variety of them. Then, all you really need to add on top of the sauce is a layer of cheese. That could be the same on every pizza, or you could offer a couple of different cheese blends.

Let Customers Actually Build Their Pizza

If you have the restaurant facility to allow for it, you could consider letting customers actually build their pizzas buffet-style. You could have a pizza crust maker hand the customer a shaped crust on a pan. Then, the customer can walk their way down the line, adding sauces, cheeses, and toppings to the pizza as they go. They'll hand their customized pizza to a cook on the other end of the line, and the cook will pop the pizza into the oven. The customer can then go sit down, and the cook will call them when the order is ready.

There are a lot of ways that you can allow customers to customize their pizza. Consider using one of the options above in your pizza restaurant. You can even mix and match these approaches to create your whole own thing.

For more information about customized pizza, contact a local business, like Scittino's Italian Market Place.