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Some Do's And Don'ts For A Great Post-Wedding Brunch

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Have you planned your post-wedding brunch? This fairly recent tradition is a great way to maximize the wedding weekend, show your appreciation for guests, and indulge in a few more wedding festivities before real-life returns. To help you plan your brunch, here are a few do's and don'ts.

Do Use a Restaurant. The last thing most couples and their immediate family want to do after the big wedding is to plan another party. So do yourself a favor and hold your afterparty at a local restaurant's banquet room — letting them do the catering, provide all your practical meal needs, and do the setup. 

Don't Feel You Must Invite Everyone. There are no hard-and-fast rules about how many people to invite. Some couples choose to invite everyone who was invited to the wedding. But doing so can mean more work, stress, and expense. At a minimum, you could simply invite your closest friends, immediate family, and wedding party. Do what's right for your circumstances and what fits your venue. 

Do Invite Out-of-Town Guests. One general rule of thumb for the post-wedding brunch is to invite those who have traveled to come to your nuptials. Anyone who is staying overnight should be included, as it gives you an extra way to thank them for going out of their way to celebrate with you. It's also practical because it provides a meal before they leave. 

Don't Go Overboard. This brunch may be your wedding weekend's last hurrah, but that doesn't mean you have to make it a big production. Keep things fun but fairly low-key, focusing on providing a good meal and talking with all your guests one last time. Choose a restaurant with a charming feel and let the natural ambiance do the work for you. And most importantly, don't stress about all the tiny details. 

Do Recycle Wedding Decor. Get the most from your wedding flowers and decorations by bringing them along to spruce up the hall. This boosts the thematic connection to the wedding and helps get rid of extra elements like leftover cake, unused favors, and decor elements you don't want to keep. Banquet room staff can often help you create a great vibe with whatever leftover items you bring from the ceremony or reception. 

Ready to start planning your day-after brunch? Start by visiting restaurants with banquet rooms in your area today. With their facilities and help, your gathering will be the perfect way to cap off your nuptial celebrations. 

To learn more information about choosing a banquet room, reach out to a professional near you.