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A Satisfying Meal For A New Mom And Her Spouse

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An upscale pizza parlor that has been your sister's 'go to' restaurant for the last decade may be at the forefront of your mind when contemplating a way to treat her and her spouse after she's given birth and been discharged from the hospital. Although your loved one may be recuperating at home and adjusting to her new role as a mom, she will be able to enjoy the food that she craves and will likely be grateful to receive a meal that requires no preparation steps.

Collaborate With Your Brother-In-Law

If you have heard rave reviews from your sister concerning the meals that she has eaten at the parlor, you may have a rough idea of what types of things she tends to order, but you may also need a little more information to hone in on her favorite pizza or sandwich types. Ask your brother-in-law about the items that your sister tends to order and tell him what you plan on doing, concerning the ordering of a special meal that the two of them can share.

Order And Add Some Extras

Your pizza delivery efforts can be coordinated with your sister's schedule to ensure that the food arrives at a time that is convenient. Wait for your sister and her newborn to be released from the hospital and give your sibling a day or two to get back into her normal routine before placing the food order. Think about all of the extras that can be incorporated to make the meal satisfying and convenient.

For instance, if the restaurant that you will be ordering from offers paper plates, utensils, napkins, and extra sauces, take advantage of these items. Provide your brother-in-law and sister with a congratulatory tablecloth, wall hangings, balloons, or any other type of décor that you think will aid in making the meal special. Contact the restaurant and place your order. Request that the delivery is made during the time that you specify and request that you are notified when the delivery person has dropped off the items.

If the pizza parlor advertises gift cards or certificates, which can be purchased to cover a future meal, consider buying a set of them. The prepaid meal option will provide your sister and her spouse with the opportunity to dine in her favorite restaurant at a time that is convenient for the two of them. You can offer to babysit to prompt your sibling to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a fine dining experience with her husband.