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Why Add A Happy Hour To Your Restaurant?

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What is happy hour? In the food industry, it's a time of day where either drinks are discounted or come for free, or where food is at a favorable price. This can go towards menu items of the day only or — as is common in many bars or restaurants with a bar — towards drink or alcoholic beverage items only. Should you add a happy hour to your restaurant? You can do so and add a profit to your business in many ways. Here are reasons why you should consider adding a happy hour to your restaurant.

You bring in a wider audience

Do you want to have a larger amount of people visit your restaurant so they can enjoy the ambiance of your business? In order to let them have the most of what you have to offer, you have to offer them something they can truly benefit from. Your restaurant should give people an incentive to visit your establishment, which can be accomplished by offering a discounted meal and beverage happy hour time.

Happy hour is often offered during a slower time of a business's operation, allowing a restaurant to make more money during non-average meal times for patrons. Your happy hour should be determined by the times of day that you are hoping to increase revenue, and can even vary day by day. Play around with a happy hour time until you find one that works best for you.

You differentiate from other restaurants

Do your restaurant a favor and offer something in your establishment that other restaurants don't offer. You can do this by putting a happy hour on during key times of day or during the weekend to draw in curious new patrons or your current patrons who want to take advantage of a fun time they can't get elsewhere. If you have a bar, happy hour should revolve around the alcoholic beverages you commonly serve, or can be allowed for all the alcoholic beverages you have in your establishment.

You create community awareness

If you offer a happy hour in your area, you can create community awareness by having a fun location for people to gather and really enjoy themselves. If you really promote happy hour well, you can create a community gathering place for the locals to enjoy hanging out, which can make your happy hour very successful and really increase the community awareness of your restaurant overall. You can add a happy hour to your services at any time you'd like.