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5 Crust Alternatives for Pizza

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As delicious as it is, regular pizza crust made with flour just doesn't cut it for everyone anymore. Be it for health or diet reasons, many people choose to pass up on pizza due to not being able to eat the crust. However, there is no reason for people to pass up on pizza due to health or dietary reasons when all they need to do is change out the crust.

Here are five alternatives to the traditional crust that you can try in your restaurant in order to attract customers who feel left out of the traditional pizza market. 

Pizza Crust Alternative #1: Cauliflower Crust

One of the trendiest pizza crust alternatives right now is a cauliflower crust. Cauliflower has been gaining in popularity and showing up as an alternative for a number of different foods. Cauliflower is turned into a pizza crust by pulsing cauliflower in a food processor, steaming the cauliflower, and then using that to create a crust. It makes a nice, crispy crust that is great for creating a type of thin-crust pizza.  

Pizza Crust Alternative #2: Chickpea Crust

Chickpeas are good for more than hummus. Chickpeas flour can be used to create a flavorful pizza crust. You can vary the thickness of a chickpea pizza crust, making it great crust alternative if you want to go with something a little thicker.  

Pizza Crust Alternative #3: Spaghetti Squash Crust

Spaghetti squash pizza crust has a nice flavor that enhances the overall taste of the pizza. All the water must be squeezed out of the spaghetti squash before it is turned into a very nice crispy pizza crust.  

Pizza Crust Alternative #4: Sweat Potato Crust

Another tasty pizza crust alternative is sweet potato crust. Sweet potato crust is made by mixing sweet potatoes with almond flour, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and spices. It can make a nice and crispy pizza crust. This pizza crust will also add a little extra flavor to your pizza as well.  

If you're buying pizza for individuals who can't eat a traditional pizza crust due to being sensitive or allergic to gluten, or due to diet restrictions like the popular keto diet, you can cater to them by ordering a custom pizza from local restaurants. Check to see if they offer options such as a cauliflower crust or a sweet potato crust. You may even have family or friends without any dietary restrictions that enjoy these crusts as well!