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Why A Live Music Venue Is A Good Choice For An Early Date

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While you might meet someone for coffee or for dinner as a first date, you'll want some other date ideas should the first encounter go well and you decide to go out again. Depending on where you live, there might be several bars that feature live music many nights of the week — and any of these locations can be a worthwhile place to schedule your next date. While you and your date may have slightly different musical tastes, try to find something that suits you both. A jazz bar, for example, might be appealing to each of you. Here are some reasons that a live music bar is a good choice for a date.

Live Music Encourages Lapses In Conversation

One of the challenges of an early date with someone is that there can be a lot of conversation. For some people, including introverts, it can feel a little daunting to talk and listen one on one for what might amount to a few hours. A live music bar is ideal because it encourages lapses in conversation. You and your date can converse until the music starts, and then enjoy watching it. During breaks, you can talk again and then enjoy a pause in the conversation while the band starts up again.

Music Awakens The Senses

Many people find that music awakens their senses, which can often be something that you want to experience on a date. Whether you're occasionally getting up to dance or just moving in your seat a little, hearing live music can make you feel good..You may tell your date that you feel more alive and suggest an impromptu way to continue your evening — a late-night stroll by the water, for example. The manner in which you both feel alive because of the music can enhance your collective memories of the date in the days ahead.

Something Unexpected Might Happen

One thing about watching live music is that you never know what might happen — and this can include when you're on a date. For example, you might surprise your date by getting up on the stage and doing a song with the band if there's an open mic component to the show. Or, he or she might surprise you by doing the same. Live music can often be unpredictable, and this can help to make this date memorable for you both, regardless of what might happen.