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Reasons To Offer A "Favorite Order" Feature On Your Pizza Restaurant App

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Developing an app for your pizza restaurant is a smart business move. While there's an initial expense to doing so, it can pay off over time as new and frequent diners alike download the app as a way of ordering food for delivery or takeout. When you're working with a developer to create the app, you'll want to include not only your full menu, but also functionality that shows the progress of the pizza being made and a page that allows users to read about your restaurant. You should also offer a "favorite order" feature, which will give users the ability to mark certain orders as their favorite for ease of future ordering. Here are some reasons to include this feature.

Speed Of Ordering

One of the reasons that many people choose to use apps for ordering food is because it's fast. Instead of browsing the menu online and then calling the restaurant to place an order, customers want to be able to order quickly and from the convenience of their mobile devices. However, going through your menu within the app and selecting their favorite options isn't always quick. For someone who is truly in a hurry, and who frequently gets the same order from you, being able to load the "favorite order" menu and tap the order gets the job done in a few seconds.

Help With Indecisiveness

People who struggle to make decisions may sometimes want to order pizza from your restaurant but be unsure of what to order. When you offer a wide range of tantalizing pies, the idea of choosing just one can be daunting for some people. You don't want someone giving up on ordering simply because he or she can't make a decision. When you have the "favorite order" functionality, this person can always choose his or her standard order.

Lack Of Confusion

If your pizza restaurant has an extensive menu, it's possible that some patrons won't remember what they had last time. For example, someone may recall really enjoying his or her pizza, but if the last order was many months ago, this person may not have a firm idea of what he or she ordered. Ideally, this person will choose to tap the "favorite order" function on the app so that he or she can see exactly what pizza he or she had last time. This person can then order the same style of pie.

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