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3 Ways To Increase Your Enjoyment Of Seafood When Dining Out

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If you didn't enjoy the last time you ordered seafood when you went out to eat, you may need to change your seafood ordering strategy. The next time you go out to seafood, skip dishes that try to hide the flavor, stick to the freshest dish and be careful with your drink choices.

#1 Skip Dishes That Hide The Flavor

Many seafood dishes are designed to hide the flavor of the seafood. Seafood that is marinated for hours generally tastes like the marinade, not the seafood. Seafood dishes that are good with strong pungent spices, such as garlic, can also hide the flavor of the seafood. 

Although adding flavor to seafood can be great, it can also take away from the natural taste of the seafood. If you feel like you don't actually get to taste the seafood when you order it, choose a dish that is not marinated or doesn't use strong spices. 

Or, if the dish is generally cooked with a sauce, see if the kitchen can prepare the dish without the sauce or serve the sauce on the side. This will allow you to enjoy the natural flavors of the fish without it being overwhelmed with other flavors. 

#2 Ask What Is Fresh

Next, ask your serve what is the freshest fish on the menu. Ask where and when the fish was caught. Fish that is really fresh is going to taste better than fish that was caught a while ago or had to be transported over a long distance.

Fresh fish is not going to have a fishy order that will overpower the natural smell and flavor of the fish. Go with whatever fish is the freshest on the menu so you can get the best tasting fish on the menu.

#3 Be Careful With Your Drink Pairing 

Be careful with the drink you choose to go with your seafood dish. The wrong drink can overwhelm your seafood dish. Stay away from red wines when enjoying a seafood dish; the flavor of red wine tends to overwhelm your pallet and can dull the flavor of your food.

Instead, stick to white wines or beer. Most beer pairs well with fish dishes without overwhelming your taste bud. Stay away from any beer that you feel has too strong of a flavor profile.

The next time you go out for seafood, choose a dish that is light on extra spices and flavor and choose the freshest seafood the restaurant has to offer. Also, choose a drink that will not overwhelm the flavor of your dish.