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5 Things To Look For When Purchasing A Commercial Refrigerator

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Regardless of whether you are purchasing a commercial refrigerator to supply a restaurant or replacing an old one, it is an investment that you must take seriously. For that reason, you need to ensure that you are equipped with the information necessary to make an informed purchasing decision. Here are five things to look for and consider when purchasing a new commercial refrigerator:

1. Stainless Steel Construction

Your commercial refrigerator can only be as good as the material that was used to build it. Therefore, you don't want to have a refrigerator that was made out of plastic, which is prone to cracking over a period of time. You also don't want an aluminum-constructed refrigerator, as these aren't scratch-resistant. Instead, you will want to focus on a stainless steel refrigerator thanks to the fact that this type of material is durable, long-lasting and easy to clean.

2. Recessed Door Handles

When looking at commercial refrigerators, you will notice that they all have different types of door handles. The various designs will be visually-appealing, but there is really only one that you need to be interested in: the recessed door handle. The reason for this is because they are practical, they won't accumulate tons of dirt and dust, and they won't break off after continuous use. Bar door handles, which is a common type of door handle construction, will eventually become loose or simply break off, requiring repair.

3. Bottom Mount Condensing Unit

The condensing unit on commercial refrigerators will come in one of two places: 1) the top of the refrigerator, or 2) the bottom of the refrigerator. The choice is essential yours, but the bottom mount condensing units are the easiest and most efficient. These bottom mount units make cleaning, service and maintenance much easier. Plus, it keeps the top of the refrigerator open for storage, if needed.

4. Digital Temperature Control

Most modern commercial coolers and refrigerators have digital temperature control, but you can still find them without it. Regardless, you will probably want to find out with digital controls since they will let you have full reign over the refrigerator temperature and you will never have to guess what the interior temperature is. You can always guarantee the freshness of your food products.

5. Plenty of Interior Capacity

Last, but not least, you will want to ensure that your commercial refrigerator has an abundant interior capacity. You will want to ensure that you get one with the largest interior that you can for your budget and for your needs (with a little room to grow) so as to store the maximum amount of food. Also, you will want to ensure that all of your cookware will be able to fit directly inside the refrigerator; otherwise, you will be purchasing new cookware as well.