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Watching Your And Your Family's Weight: 3 Tips To Ordering Pizza For The Entire Family

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Pizza is a staple in the American diet, with approximately 350 slices of pizza being consumed each second. It's easy and convenient to order pizza for the entire family, as everyone loves pizza and pizza is relatively inexpensive. Although pizza can be a treat to look forward to at night, it's also packed with carbs and fats that can cause you to gain weight easily. If pizza is a staple in your family's diet, making these 3 minor changes can help to significantly reduce your family's overall calorie intake.

Ask for the Pizza to Be Pre-Cut

It's difficult to watch how much you eat when it's not portioned out. This is especially true if the entire family is sitting down to eat at a family pizza restaurant. After going through an entire pizza, it's difficult to resist ordering another one for the table. To monitor how much everyone is eating, ask that the pizza be pre-cut into smaller portions. This prevents anyone from overeating.

Stick to Mozzarella

Almost everyone looks forward to the warm, gooey cheese added onto the pizza, but the cheese is actually where most of the calories and fats lie. Still, pizza isn't the same without some cheese. If you're watching your family's calorie intake, make sure you stick to mozzarella only when ordering pizza. Mozzarella contains the least amount of fats in comparison to other types of cheese. In addition, pay extra for fresh mozzarella whenever possible, as it contains significantly less sodium than processed cheese. This makes it a healthier option that is still just as delicious.

Lean Towards Getting Thin-Crust Pizzas Over Thick-Crust Ones

Another way to cut down on the calories and the carbs is to switch to thin-crust pizzas rather than thick-crust pizzas. This switch won't compromise the taste of the pizza much. If you prefer thick-crust pizzas, you can ask the pizzeria whether they'll just make the pizza a bit thinner than usual and use less dough, so that the crust is still a bit chewy and not completely crispy.


With pizza being such an important staple of a typical American diet, it's important that you know exactly what minor modifications you can make to reduce the amount of calories in each slice. If you want to put your family on a diet or watch their calorie intake, you can still easily do so without having to cut pizza out completely.