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Restaurant Take-Out: 6 Ways To Enhance Meals With Dollar Store Items

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Ordering restaurant take-out has many perks, including the ability to enjoy fresh meals in the comfort of your own home. There are clearly main differences between eating at restaurant and at home, but it doesn't have to be that way. By visiting a local dollar store, you have the ability to purchase a variety of items that can enhance your meal. Browse through the following six items that can be commonly found at a dollar store and see how they can enhance your next meal.

Glass Cups

Ordering take-out often means that all of your drinks are getting transported in paper cups. This can change both the heat and cold transfer between the cups. This means that ice will melt faster or a warm drink like coffee will cool down sooner.

Dollar stores offer a variety of glass cups that you can purchase for your home. When you have the cups, you can transfer the liquids once you arrive home. This allows you to keep the drink as fresh as possible throughout the entire meal. Placing the cups in the freezer beforehand can add a little extra chill to the fresh drinks.

Disposable Table Cloths

Get seasonal and make clean-up a breeze with the purchase of dollar store disposable table cloths. A number of table cloths are available in seasonal designs to match holidays and different seasons like spring. Before you serve the take-out food, it's easy to drape a cloth right over the table.

This will help prevent messes and allow you to evenly spread out all the to-go boxes. Once the meal is complete, you can simply wrap everything up in the tablecloth and throw it in the trash. With some meal orders, you can have multiple boxes and cartons. Clean-up can be cut down so much by just wrapping it in the cloth.

It's also a good idea to stock up on table cloths so you have them available for each time you order take out.

Food Storage Containers

When ordering take out meals, you may some leftovers. Keeping it in a Styrofoam carton can leave it prone to spoiling or collecting moisture. Help prevent these problems by purchasing food storage containers from a dollar store.

You can typically purchase multi-pack containers at a dollar store. This gives you plenty of space to fit all your leftovers and keep them fresh for numerous days.

Dipping Cups

Adding condiments to your meal is great, but squeezing out every last bit of condiment packet can be a pain. Instead of dealing with the packets or if you want to use your own condiments, you can purchase dipping cups at a dollar store. These are small cups that are ideal for holding ketchup, ranch dressing, and all types of other dipping sauces.

While shopping for the dipping cups, it's important to be aware if the cups are microwavable or not. If you find cups that can go in the microwave, then you have the ability to heat up dips like a marinara sauce.


Add a romantic touch to your meal with some candles from a dollar store. A variety of candlesticks and holders are available for your home. This is a great pick up for when you want to enjoy a quiet dinner date at home.

Look for different scents or smaller tea light candles that can add mood lighting to your meal.


Whether it's salt, pepper, or a little oregano, it's always good to have a little extra stock in your home pantry. Many restaurants offer small salt and pepper packets, but it may not be enough for your tastes. Having extra at home can help with all types of food and meals.

With one trip to a dollar store, you can find all of these items and be completely ready for the next time you order some delicious take out from restaurants like Mugshots Burger N' Brew.